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I am creating online courses about art, photography, and how to sell your images online. Join me to create a stronger portfolio and boost your art sales! 

~Liesl Walsh


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Mastering Photography: Live With Liesl Walsh



You are invited to join our exciting NEW Coaching Membership group

to Master Photography!


In this membership you will have access to personalized live zoom videos with Liesl Walsh each week on how to improve your photography. Just submit your edited and raw images to Liesl Walsh for artistic and technical feedback. Liesl will share her expertise as a Master Photographer and Art Teacher with you.

Get access to this private group and Liesl's zooms with this membership subscription.


  • Weekly live zoom videos with Liesl Walsh
  • Exclusive access to all the recordings
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Participate in quarterly competitions to WIN a FREE COMPLETE PORTFOLIO REVIEW from Liesl Walsh (value $200)She will review your entire presence online (images on your website, your website itself, and your social media) to see your strengths and areas to improve for a strong impact on buyers.

Dee Potter

Chair of the Professional Photographers of Canada Ontario Branch

"I’ve had the great privilege of studying Liesl Walsh’s courses “Selling Online: How I Broke the Code”, and now Mastering Photography and I wanted to share a few words with photographers looking for an easy leg-up to your next level. As a photographer, Liesl Walsh is the whole package: a master of imagining, planning, shooting, editing, and selling her work over and over again. As a photography educator, Liesl has the gift of teaching every one of these facets of photography so naturally with an unwavering open book and open-arms generosity, she leaves you fully confident and eager to apply what you learned immediately. Rarely does she leave a question unanswered during any of her classes because she already knows the potential challenges and guides you through them. And when there are questions, Liesl backs up her course with weekly live meetings to make sure you’ve got all the answers and support you need to succeed. So, when it comes to finding a teacher to take you by the hand and show you how they do what they do so you can too, or need another professional to elevate your work with an objective set of trained eyes, you won’t find a more genuine, passionate, and knowledgeable photography instructor than Liesl Walsh."

Diane Raaum


Mastering Photography : Live with Liesl Walsh 

"Liesl Walsh is an excellent teacher and the weekly live video reviews are so informative! She goes over the settings of each photo and gives other valuable feedback as well. Liesl will let you know what she likes about your photos and how you can improve - ultimately helping you get your photos ready to sell on your website. Photography can be exhausting in that you are always questioning your work and this gives you the chance to learn from a pro. Don’t question yourself about enrolling in her class!"

Featured Course

Selling Photos Online: How I Broke The Code

~ with 3 Months Live Video Coaching


AND FREE 30 DAYS ACCESS to Mastering Photography: Live With Liesl Walsh

This exciting new online course is for all artists and photographers who want to sell museum quality prints of their art worldwide, using my simple workflow.

Build a website with Fine Art America, create a strong portfolio, and connect with the right people to reach your sales goals!  Use this simple workflow that gives you more time to create art.

Get this comprehensive course featuring 45 lessons, 10 hours of inspiring videos that will transform the way you approach selling your art.




FREE 30 DAYS ACCESS TO BONUS COURSE: Mastering Photography: Live With Liesl Walsh (Value $39 a month) that includes: 

  • Weekly live videos with Liesl Walsh to master your photography.
  • Submit photos for feedback.
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • Participate in quarterly competitions to WIN a FREE COMPLETE PORTFOLIO REVIEW by Liesl (value $200) where she will review your entire presence online (website and social media) to see your strengths and areas to improve for a strong impact on buyers.


Now For A Limited Time

Only $497


Guy Riendeau

"From the beginning, Liesl introduced a well organized instructional platform that went above and beyond my expectations. Her unbelievable attention to detail truly sets her apart from others in this field."

Kevin Orlando Lau

"Such an honor to learn from the best of the best! Absolutely an eye-opening and mind-expanding experience. I highly recommend this course to those who wish to thrive on Fine Art America, with their own online business, and to all emerging and professional photographers/artists."

Richard Wade

"Without a doubt the best online training if you want to master Fine Art America, Liesl doesn't miss a thing in this training, a master in her own right."

Peter D'Amore

"Liesl set up the program so it is easy to understand yet so detailed.  I am learning so much during this course that it has helped me to learn how to make my site so much better. Each module is like discovering a new adventure... Well done Liesl, thank you! "

Fredrick Shacklett

"I just finished your course Selling Photos Online. Five Stars. Course is Outstanding!!! ... In regards to your specific instruction on Fine Art America;  Invaluable.  Thank you so much.  You are the only instructor I've seen that teaches the details about Fine Art America."

Deb Salay

"What set Liesl apart was her unwavering dedication to her students' success. She went above and beyond her role as an instructor... Her feedback was constructive, her guidance invaluable, and her passion for our success unwavering."

Diane Raaum

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2023

Selling Photos Online: How I Broke The Code

"Liesl  Walsh has created a class that is designed for you to sell your photography through Fine Art America. She will walk you through all the steps in setting up your site and will help you with any questions in a weekly live video. The videos she has created are informative and easy to follow.  The weekly video class is designed to answer any questions you have along the way and it is recorded for viewing anytime. Learn from a pro. Liesl’s  class will save you time and teach you everything you need to get your site set up."


Fred Mays

"I just want you to know I’ve gotten a lot out of the course. In addition to getting under the hood with FAA, I’ve also been enlightened on other avenues for my photography. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and learning from you. Your course has been a worthwhile investment."

Sky Replacement Collection

High Resolution Images


A collection of high resolution sky images for sky replacements, to create stunning images!

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