Our goal at Liesl Walsh Photography is to give you the highest level satisfaction with our courses and images. We appreciate your business and the kind comments and reviews from you!

~ Liesl Walsh 

Marshal Hilton

Acclaimed veteran Hollywood actor, working as a professional actor in over 100 television and film productions in 30 years

Landscape photographer, visual storyteller, musician, creative muse

"Liesl Walsh and I have been colleagues and friends for several years. We met under the canopy of the Photoserge Academy. She has always been welcoming and available, offering her advice on many photography related issues. I know that I can always count on her artistic sensibilities, as they relate to photo processing and visual credibility. She's smart, has tremendous moral character, and cares deeply about her work. I'm certain that her sharing her Fine Art America  experience will help to fast track the process to getting more visibility and sales on the platform. 

Looking forward to experiencing her work."

Richard Wade

Made his first 3 sales on Fine Art America 3 days after beginning this course, and made 7 sales within the first month

"I think Liesl has produced one of the best tutorials for helping artists to set up an online web
site to help them sell their art through the platform Fine Art America.
It is so straight forward to follow, within minutes of starting to watch the videos I had an
account set up and after watching a few more I had images uploaded to it.
Her videos are all easy to follow, everything is very clearly explained, and she shows you
every step of the way how to set it up, manage it and how to maximize your potential for
growth in sales.
I would highly recommend her course to anyone that wants to try and sell their work online,
with her help and guidance I believe I will be selling my work in no time at all."

"Without a doubt the best online training if you want to master Fine Art America, Liesl doesn't miss a thing in this training, a master in her own right."


Kevin Orlando Lau

Watercolor Artist on Fine Art America since 2016

"The online course 'Selling Photos Online' by Liesl Walsh is outstanding, engaging, motivating and inspiring! It is informative, educational and easy to follow. I learned many new tools and tricks on visual presentation on websites and marketing in social media. I highly recommend this course to those who wish to thrive on Fine Art America, with their own online business, and to all emerging and professional photographers/artists. I give it 5 stars out of 5!!"

Rainbow Artist Orlando L

"Liesl, you continue to impress me more and more not only with your superb photography, but also with your knowledge, creativity and engaging coursework. This online course "Selling Photos Online" is outstanding! It is so informative, so educational and so easy to follow. It inspires and motivates me to do better and be more effective. I learned so many new tools and tricks on visual presentation on websites and marketing in social media. I seriously benefited a lot from your course! Thank you! Such an honor to learn from the best of the best! Absolutely an eye-opening and mind-expanding experience. I highly recommend this course to those who wish to thrive on Fine Art America, with their own online business, and to all emerging and professional photographers/artists. Liesl, I appreciate your patience, caring disposition and teaching style. Thank you so much for your passion and all the depth and applications you go into with the topics. I have learned important skills from you that will help me professionally and personally. Thank you also for allowing your students to question without judging and for having growth mindset with us. Words are powerless to express my gratitude to you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, wisdom and compassion as I continue this online selling journey; you aren’t just helping me learn, you make me a better person. I don’t owe my professional success to my destiny, courage, luck, belief, confidence or fortune. I owe it to a wonderful mentor like you. Your diligence and direction have inspired my inner confidence to climb like a Tiger until I reach the pinnacle of my ambitions. I look up to you as the ultimate role model. My gratitude to you for all you have done for me and your students. I truly appreciate you and your classes. May love and light be with you always."

Deb Salay

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2021

"Liesl Walsh's Fine Art America (FAA) course was nothing short of a creative revelation. From the moment I joined, it was evident that I was in the hands of an exceptional instructor who possessed an in-depth understanding of FAA. Liesl's commitment to helping each of us succeed on this platform was truly inspiring, and her dedication knew no bounds.

What set Liesl apart was her unwavering dedication to her students' success. She went above and beyond her role as an instructor. Late-night questions were met with patient responses, and she tirelessly provided additional resources and support. Her genuine desire to see each of us excel was palpable, and it motivated us to put in our best efforts.

Liesl's enthusiasm was infectious, and her belief in our potential was a driving force for all of us. She encouraged us to explore our creativity, experiment with different techniques, and to aim for artistic excellence. Her feedback was constructive, her guidance invaluable, and her passion for our success unwavering.

Yet Liesl's course was not just about individual growth; it was a communal experience. The group of artists she had brought together was a diverse and talented bunch. We shared our struggles and celebrated our achievements, creating a supportive and inspiring community that nurtured creativity and artistic development.

I felt immensely grateful to be on this journey with Liesl and the wonderful artists in our group. The collaborative atmosphere, Liesl's expertise, and her dedication to our success were an unbeatable combination. I knew that, with her guidance and the support of this remarkable artistic community, my journey on Fine Art America would be filled with creativity, success, and a deep sense of gratitude for having found such an extraordinary teacher and group of fellow artists."

Guy Riendeau

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2023

"I recently joined Liesl Walsh’s Fine Art America course and I am more than pleased with the results so far. From the beginning, Liesl introduced a well organized instructional platform that went above and beyond my expectations. Her unbelievable attention to detail truly sets her apart from others in this field.

Liesl is the epitome of a hard worker. She has dedicated countless hours and put in the effort to ensure every aspect of the program delivers what was promised. Her extensive knowledge of photography, fine art, marketing strategies, and teaching has been evident throughout the entire process. Whenever I had a question or concern, she was always able to provide me with expert advice and guidance from week to week.

What truly impressed me about Liesl was her professionalism. Despite her extensive knowledge and expertise, she remained down to earth and approachable. It is noticeable that she genuinely cares about everyone in the group and can relate empathetically with a variety of backgrounds and age groups.

Above all, Liesl continues to earn my trust and my highest recommendation. She demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ensuring my satisfaction, and her genuine care for her clients is evident in everything she does. I can confidently say that Liesl is the type of person who goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.

If you are looking to sell your art online and need a photography professional who is knowledgeable, creative, hardworking, personable, and an excellent teacher, look no further than Liesl Walsh. She will teach you the ins and outs of establishing a simple workflow on Fine Art America and help you on your creative journey as a photographer."

Peter D'Amore

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2021

"I have been on Fine Art America (FAA) since 2021 and have had some sales but I knew my web site needed help. When I found out that Liesl created a course on how to properly use FAA I know it was for me.  The course offers so much information on how to navigate and set up your FAA web site.  The online course can be taken at your own pace which allows you time to take notes and go back and watch the videos again for reference.  Liesl set up the program so it is easy to understand yet so detailed.  I am learning so much during this course that it has helped me to learn how to make my site so much better. Each module is like discovering a new adventure.  The course also offers online group sessions where Liesl is there to help everyone and answer any questions about setting up their FAA site and how to promote your art. 

 I would recommend Liesl’s course, Selling Photos Online: How I Broke the Code, to everyone looking to sell and promote their art.  I believe that this course will help me to build a better FAA site which will lead to increased sales of my work. Well done Liesl, thank you!"


Harry Beugelink

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2015

"Liesl Walsh has put together a phenomenal course to successfully sell art on Fine Art America. I have been a member of Fine Art America since 2015 but could not get anything going to sell photographs. Liesl's course has changed all that and it got me excited again about selling my art of FAA. 

I have known Liesl for a number of years through Serge Ramelli's Institute of Photography. She was always very helpful and a great teacher when I had questions regarding my work. Liesl is a great photographer and because she has learned all the ins and outs about selling art on Fine Art America, she is now a top seller on Fine Art America. 
I was very excited when she announced she had put a course together to help people promote their art on Fine Art America. In the few weeks since I started the course I have learned so much already about how to more effectively sell on Fine Art America and how to use social media to drive traffic to my Fine Art America website.
I am looking forward to continuing my course and to build my photography business with Liesl's help and collaboration with fellow students. I can recommend the course to anyone serious about selling their art online."

James Williams

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2015

"The workshop's focus on providing a structured, step-by-step approach is excellent for beginners. Teaching how to list, advertise, and sell photos is highly practical and relevant for photographers looking to monetize their work. The workshop's content aligns with the needs of photographers, addressing the key aspects of Fine Art America photo sales. By imparting the knowledge and skills to set up their own Fine Art America webpage, the workshop empowers photographers to take control of their business. The workshop covers the technical and marketing aspects comprehensively, providing resources and follow-up support for participants who might encounter issues after the workshop. Overall, this workshop is very beneficial for photographers seeking to sell their work on Fine Art America."

Steve Carr

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2010

"Interested in selling your photos or art online? Selling Photos Online- How I Broke The Code by Liesl Walsh is your key to success. The results oriented online course covers everything from basic set up of your Fine Art America account and online store to time tested techniques and insider tips for maximizing your online sales. The course is well organized and clearly presented making it super easy to follow. And the practical details and real-life examples make it simple and easy to implement.

Liesl is the guru of Fine Art America. Her course, Selling Photos Online- How I Broke The Code is the definitive guide. Whether you are new to selling your photos or art online or already have a store and want to increase your sales, this course is your key to success!"


Fredrick Shacklett

Photographer on Fine Art America since 2017

"I just finished your course Selling Photos Online.  Five Stars. Course is Outstanding!!!  The instruction on how to manage a Fine Art America website and think in terms of running a photography business is priceless for a non-business photographer.  I especially liked the details regarding pricing, managing more than one site, and joining/using groups, (i.e. those on Facebook, Instagram, FAA, Pinterest) to promote your business, and the requirements for setting up a business Facebook page.

In regards to your specific instruction on Fine Art America;  Invaluable.  Thank you so much.  You are the only instructor I've seen that teaches the details about Fine Art America.  Exceptionally helpful.  I joined FAA in 2017, posted one photo, but never did anything with it. I do have another web page where I have been posting, but mostly for friends and family. Not selling...

Since completing your course I now have a pretty good idea on what my FAA web page needs and where I need to improve... Your course taught everything I need in an easy to understand format, for having a successful photo website designed for thank you so much... I'm a happy student. "