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About Liesl Walsh

I am a fine art photographer in Venice, Florida with a background in art education.  In college I majored in art education, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree, and taught elementary art in Pennsylvania for nine years. After moving to Florida I focused on photography, being mentored by renowned French photographer Serge Ramelli and working with him as an ambassador in his academy, assisting him in teaching photography to thousands of students worldwide. l am a graduate of his PhotoSerge Institute of Photography with a Masters of Photography. Serge's training has been a huge influence on my artistry and my career. My work has sold in a gallery in downtown Venice, Florida and sells regularly locally and around the world on Fine Art America.

Art and photography have always been my passion. Drawing, painting, and colors excite me. 

My portfolio includes landscapes and architecture in Florida, Michigan, Europe. I enhance light, shadows, and color when editing to create powerful, dramatic, and peaceful images. Serenity and those "magic moments" that touch deep into the soul... my images show the world as a beautiful place to live and a wonderful place to explore.

My favorite things to capture are historical and tropical places, pink flamingos, trees, coastlines, and old buildings with charm. I like to give my photos a painterly look while others I'll give dramatic, bold lighting.

Graduate of the Photoserge Institute of Photography
Earning a Master of Photography Diploma
September 23, 2020.

Studio Guest at The Grid with Scott Kelby, Serge Ramelli, and Matt Kloskowski December 2019

Ambassador in Photoserge academy, assisting Serge Ramelli in teaching photography to thousands of students worldwide

Organized and taught Florida photography workshop with Serge Ramelli February 2022

Award-Winning Artist

My photos have received many awards locally and internationally.

I have had award-winning photos displayed at the King Center Gallery at Brevard College and at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. 

In 2021 my photo, "The Most Amazing Sunset at the Pier in Venice, Florida" won a billboard contest on Fine Art America, placing in the top 20 photos of 24,341 images and 9226 artists worldwide. The photo hung on a billboard on I-4 near Orlando in November 2021. I won the contest a second year in a row in September 2022. My photo, "Liquid Light" of the Venice Fishing Pier placed in the top 20 images of 17,456 images and 6652 artists worldwide. It hung on a billboard in Clearwater, Florida for November and December 2022. 

Exhibited with Roy Lichtenstein

In 2021 three of my Giverny photos were printed 20 feet long on vinyl for the Roy Lichtenstein art exhibit "Monet's Garden Goes Pop!" at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. One image hung on french doors at the entrance of the exhibit, and two other images were used as backdrops to 3D displays of Monet's home and Japanese bridge in the conservatory. Roy Lichtenstein is a famous pop artist from the 1960's who made a series of images about Claude Monet's garden. The exhibit hung for 4.5 months.

My photo "Monet's Waterlily Pond, Giverny, France" hung on french doors at entrance of Roy Lichtenstein art exhibit, "Monet's Garden Goes Pop!" at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida 2021

Behind the Scenes Look at Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

At 8:45 see my Giverny waterlily pond photo on french doors at exhibit entrance. At 39:06 see my Japanese Bridge photo in the conservatory.

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My photo "Arbor Walkway To Monet's Home, Giverny" printed 20 feet on vinyl, used as backdrop for 3D display of Monet's home at Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida 2021


My photo "Claude Monet's Waterlily Pond, Giverny, France" printed 20 feet on vinyl, used as backdrop to 3D display of Monet's Japanese Bridge at Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida 2021



My photos have been published on the cover of Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, Florida Currents, and South County Healthy Living, and inside Vero Beach Magazine, Sarasota Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine, Voyage Tampa Magazine, Wellen Park Journal, numerous times in the Venice Gondolier newspaper, and in my husband's book, "Vagabonds in France" by Michael A. Barry. My images have been featured in webinars and ads by Serge Ramelli, who is my mentor and has inspired the artistry of my photography. 


My images have been used in newspaper articles, online, and in campaigns to help spread the message of preserving historic buildings here in Venice, Florida. Many people want to preserve the historic charm and small town feel of this city for future generations. 


I have had the pleasure to create images for the following companies and clients:

Imagine Museum (a glass sculpture museum) in St. Petersburg, FL

Hampson Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL

Raymond James in Venice, FL

Sharky's on the Pier in Venice, FL

Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine

Venice Gondolier Newspaper

City of Venice, Florida

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Clerk's Office

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Sarasota in Nokomis, FL

Kerri's Jewels and Gems in Venice, FL

OE Wheel Distributors in Sarasota, FL

Fox Lea Farms in Venice, FL

Wellen Park in Venice, FL

Bay Village in Sarasota, FL

Berlin Patten Ebling Law Firm in Venice, FL

Esys Automation in Auburn Hills, MI

Wedeven Associates, Inc. in Edgemont, PA

Altered Vinyl in Venice, FL

Bowersox Air in Venice, FL

Published multiple times in local newspapers and magazines

Featured in Venice Gondolier Newspaper June 29, 2022

Milky Way on Venice Beach photo published on the cover of Photoshop User Magazine January 2023 with feature article

Photo "Miami Avenue Fountain at Christmas in Venice, Florida" published on cover of Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine
February 2023 with article inside

Images published in 5 issues of Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine 2023

I am thankful for my many clients and their kind words!

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