Selling Photos Online:

How I Broke The Code


Selling Photos Online:

How I Broke The Code

This exciting new online course is for all artists and photographers who want to sell museum quality prints of their art worldwide, using my simple workflow.

Build a website with Fine Art America, create a strong portfolio, and connect with the right people to reach your sales goals!  This simple workflow gives you more time to create art.

Get this comprehensive course featuring 45 lessons, 10 hours of inspiring videos that will transform the way you approach selling your art.




BONUS VIDEO: How to Photograph Your Paintings and Drawings to Sell Online 


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For Only $297


"I am excited to share the secrets of my success with you so you can reach your sales goals!"

Join Liesl Walsh as she shares everything she knows about how she sells hundreds of prints worldwide using Fine Art America, doubling her sales each year, using a simple workflow.

Discover how to customize your website for a strong first impression, what makes a masterpiece to create a strong portfolio, and how to connect with the people in your niche to increase sales.

"Fine Art America is my favorite platform to use to sell my art online."

I will share everything I know so that you can build a website that makes a strong first impression and increase sales.  I have been on Fine Art America since 2015.  It took me years of struggle and a frustrating start, but I broke the code of how to sell.  Now I sell regularly, doubling my sales each year. I have become known locally in my area of Florida, my images are getting published, and businesses are buying my images. It's getting exciting! I want you to have success, too!


"With this online course you can have an easier start and sell faster than I did."

Finding the right eyes to see your art is key to increase sales.  I will share with you all my secrets and tips for connecting with people in your niche online, reaching thousands of people for free each month without spending money on ads, avoiding ad costs up to $15,000 a month and giving you a higher profit.

I will show you specific examples of what I do and the analytics of the results of what has worked.  I have some exciting stories to tell you!  I won the Fine Art America billboard contest two years in a row (2021 and 2022), but there's more!

I will share my story as an artist so you can see how and when I strengthened my portfolio and boosted sales.

This course is for all artists worldwide

From photographers, painters, drawers, graphic artists, illustrators, etc. who want to sell museum quality prints of their art worldwide. 

Fine Art America prints your art on demand and has 16 fulfillment centers around the world, so you don't have to manage printing in other countries.

If you want to start a brand new website on Fine Art America

This course walks you through all the steps from setting up your site and prices to uploading your images.

If you are already on Fine Art America

This course will help you strengthen your website to make a stronger impression on visitors to your site, and increase traffic to your site to boost sales.

Simple Workflow

Get your art online with a simple workflow where you don't need to create your own mock-ups or fulfill orders, so you have more time to create your art.

Marshal Hilton

Acclaimed veteran Hollywood actor, working as a professional actor in over 100 television and film productions in 30 years

Landscape photographer, visual storyteller, musician, creative muse

"Liesl Walsh and I have been colleagues and friends for several years. We met under the canopy of the Photoserge Academy. She has always been welcoming and available, offering her advice on many photography related issues. I know that I can always count on her artistic sensibilities, as they relate to photo processing and visual credibility. She's smart, has tremendous moral character, and cares deeply about her work. I'm certain that her sharing her Fine Art America  experience will help to fast track the process to getting more visibility and sales on the platform. 

Looking forward to experiencing her work."

Course Overview

In this course we will cover these subjects in detail:

  1. Introduction to Fine Art America (Overview) and What It Offers You
  2. How to Create a Website on Fine Art America and Customize it for a Powerful Impact
  3. How to Create a Strong Portfolio of Art and Mistakes to Avoid
  4. How to Market Your Art by Connecting with the People in Your Niche
  5. How to Boost Your Social Media Skills
  6. Analyzing Your Results 
  7. See My Analytics of Record Successes

What You Will Get:

  • 45 lessons (10 hours of inspiring videos) that can be watched online or downloaded.
  • Downloadable PDFs 


  • 3 MONTHS (90 DAYS) of WEEKLY LIVE ZOOM COACHING VIDEOS, meeting me face to face in a small group. You can ask me questions, and I will help you reach your sales goals. We will be a community of artists coming together each week. You will have access to recordings of all the live videos.
  • ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP  Stay in touch with artists in the class to build community and inspire each other. I will be active in the group daily so you can stay in touch with me and ask questions. I look forward to having you in the group!
  • BONUS VIDEO: How to Photograph Your Paintings and Drawings to Sell Online I will show you how to photograph your handmade art to create a digital photo for making prints. I show you how I set up my art, show you my camera gear, camera settings, lighting, and mistakes to avoid.


New Release Price

For Only $297




If you are not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you can contact us and we will give you 100% of your money back.


Richard Wade

Made his first 3 sales on Fine Art America 3 days after beginning this course

"I think Liesl has produced one of the best tutorials for helping artists to set up an online web
site to help them sell their art through the platform Fine Art America.
It is so straight forward to follow, within minutes of starting to watch the videos I had an
account set up and after watching a few more I had images uploaded to it.
Her videos are all easy to follow, everything is very clearly explained, and she shows you
every step of the way how to set it up, manage it and how to maximize your potential for
growth in sales.
I would highly recommend her course to anyone that wants to try and sell their work online,
with her help and guidance I believe I will be selling my work in no time at all."

Selling Photos Online: How I Broke The Code


With Bonuses!

  • Access to recordings of live zoom videos
  • BONUS VIDEO: How to Photograph Paintings and Drawings to Sell Online

Want to Reach Your Goals Selling Your Art? Let's Get You Started!

Purchase "Selling Photos Online: How I Broke The Code" today!

Come join me! I look forward to working with you so you can build your website and reach your sales goals on Fine Art America!

~ Liesl

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